Since March 2018 our Project Team has been engaging the local community and key stakeholders. This has involved door to door consultation, distribution of materials and public information sessions.

Community benefit

Coom Green Energy Park will bring significant local benefits. We want to work with the communities closest to Coom Green Energy Park to identify ideas and initiatives that would benefit from support.

Puclic engagement
We consulted extensively in the local area prior to submitting the application for planning consent. For more information on the public engagement carried out, please email or call 021 471 3932.
In accordance with the government-led Renewable Electricity Support Scheme Coom Green Energy Park will provide a community benefit fund of more than €500,000 per year for the first 15 years following commissioning. The Fund will provide long-term investment to assist the local community and grow the local economy.

From our engagement with the local community, we understand that the provision and reliability of broadband is a concern to those living in the area. Almost 50% of respondents to our survey of households in the local area cited broadband facilities and service as important to the local area.

A commissioned feasibility study has confirmed that it would be possible for the community benefit fund generated by the Coom Green Energy Park to be utilised in order to upgrade the broadband service in the local community.


If the Coom Green Energy Park is approved, we could:

  • Build on recommendations of our commissioned feasibility study to identify opportunities to improve broadband provision and service to residential dwellings in the vicinity of the proposed wind farm area.
  • Facilitate engagement with local representatives and providers of digital infrastructure to identify solutions (for example, LTE/5G Mobile Broadband Services, Fixed Wireless Access; Wireless Internet Service Operators).
  • Undertake further fieldwork to establish ‘blackspots’ and areas of poor service and consult with service operators.
  • Establish a consultative panel made up of residents and community and business representatives to identify the priority areas for broadband improvements and to relay information to residents on the available options and future rollout.
  • Working with providers, develop a broadband voucher scheme which allows for installation and operation of a broadband service.
  • Ensure that the delivery of the Coom Green Energy Park benefit fund is targeted to maximise the provision of an improved broadband service to residents, community services and businesses in and around the local area.

If you are interested in discussing the Community Benefit Fund further please contact us.